Friday, 4 January 2013

Four Hundred

Please note posts have been deleted to protect the privacy and well being of me, myself and I. This blog may be deleted at a later date so if something inspired you please save it. I apologise in advance.


Anonymous said...

No matter what others say it is important make the world hear your opinion. If you keep the blog, from many years from now if will be happy after reading the things you have written. Things you have written in books may be destroyed by fire or termites. But the things you have written in the virtual world last for ever. If you are worried about the privacy, make the blog private

Caffinolic said...

@Anon sorry for the delayed reply but I don't think blogger has privacy. Fire or no fire I had over a 100 of my students following the blog and gossiping behind my back about certain issues hence the need for privacy. Who knows I might just return...but right now I am taking a breather.