Thursday, 6 March 2014

Eight Hundred and Forty One

A friend jestingly suggested that I ask him to the beach to see if his eyes match the color of the ocean. I told her you know the reply would be "I am sorry, I am married."

But I live on hope, like I did while I was near him. Now it's all so unreachable. His eyes first looked at me as he interviewed me and I was struck by how very blue they looked, the clear blue sky I thought or the ocean waves being hit by a bright ray of sunshine. At other times particularly indoors they look brown, almost hazel specially if it's dark. When I took my leave of him the other day they were a green. Safe to say this is one man with amazing blue-grey eyes and completely unattainable.

However as long as I don't ask him out the hope remains - pulsating slowly like a low beating drum.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Seven Hundred (and counting)

I find it so annoying now that you called. That you called to ask me to not get in touch. I understand that you have a jealous partner now but seriously you could have just sent me a message and I would have understood.

It is highly unlikely that what happened between us is really a family secret for you and yours. True your partner may not know but your sisters were always aware, as was your mother. It is another matter that your partner does not understand that it was all donkey years ago. That she chooses to be jealous and here I still believe it has nothing to do with me but the relationships you had after we ended things.

However we are done. Burnt toast. It is time for me to move forward as it is for you and your partner needs to get over it. She acquired you I didn't. Period.  

Friday, 13 December 2013

Six Hundred (Again)

It was all arranged. We would meet and talk and take it from there. It didn't matter that he already had 3 strikes against him - smoker, divorced, with 2 kids from a previous marriage. I decided to risk it.
I was so wrong. The meeting was uneventful because I hardly talked. It wasn't just the initial shyness I was just shocked by how different he looked in reality. Then he told me the reason he was divorced. That was all I needed to hear as I decided to make a hasty retreat - the horrible coffee from Gloria Jeans further strengthened my resolve.

Love shall always been my enemy it seems...

Monday, 21 October 2013

Five Hundred and Twenty

Everyone in Karachi is familiar with the devastation of Abbas Town and the bombing in Hayderi early last year. But as human beings we often don’t feel the effects of something that profound unless it happens in our locality.

Today a Shia friend told me a tale that has leashed a torrent of emotions in me – the slow non-violent ethnic cleansing of Shias from the U.A.E. My friend has been settled in the U.A.E with her family for over 20 years. Earlier this year her mother was asked to come to a government office and her father (who is their sponsor) asked to cancel the visa and her mother was sent back to Pakistan. A week ago the same thing happened to her. There are rumors circulating now that there is a list (put together after the recent uprising in Bahrain of the Shias against the Sunni government) – a blacklist.

Scores of Shias are being sent back to their home countries, in particular the targets being Iranians and Pakistanis -you get your marching orders a week to pack and leave your immigrant home.

Is this the Muslim way of behavior? My friend is unemployed. She is politically inactive and her sister recently went abroad for studies. After her mother was kicked out of the U.A.E she was the only person taking care of their home. Now her father is alone in a country without his wife or children wondering why he was lured by the peace of the U.A.E.

Just when I thought that Karachi was becoming a little less violent you find out a country that has so far being the only peaceful Muslim homeland – where a Pakistani cricketer and an Indian tennis player considered a safe home for themselves – is now practicing the dirty politics of other countries.

It seems like an unnatural fear on the side of the U.A.E government. Or it may be just plain stupidity to send hardworking folks home but it means disaster for these people. The Shias have to rebuild their lives and that is going to be a hard task for them. Not to mention the continuous fear of religious prosecution.

The Muslim world needs to put its differences aside and unite. At the Hajj sermon last week the Grand Mufti said:

 “The Holy Quran is the ultimate guidance for the entire humanity which should be implemented and acted upon.”“Oh Muslims be God-fearing, adopt taqwa (fear of Allah), shun earning money through un-Islamic means, hold fast to the rope of Allah and don’t divide into diverse schools of thought, get united against injustice.”

I wonder if any Muslim took his words to heart? The upcoming 10 days of Muharram will show us if they did.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Five Hundred

It seems like a long time but it was much harder for me. After the incident that turned my world upside down last November on the 17th life has been a challenge. To get my dignity back.

Currently I am pursuing a Post Grad Diploma in Photography. A field for which I have always had an inclination. However within the last year my point-an-shoot camera was stolen and last week I lost all the photographs I had taken from it thanks to an idiot tech guy not backing up my data on reformatting the laptop.

It was a signal to make new memories and to aspire a new way-of-life.

Tomorrow I turn 33 and it has been the hardest year of my life. Going for therapy, fighting the odds and surviving. I was told earlier this month that I just have to continue my medication for 3 more months and then I can stop. Since I survived this I know I can survive anything life throws at me. Here's hoping the wheels turn sensibly. Cheers!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Four Hundred

Please note posts have been deleted to protect the privacy and well being of me, myself and I. This blog may be deleted at a later date so if something inspired you please save it. I apologise in advance.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fifty Five

There used to be a time when everything bad that happened on the Monday - and it always happened with the big important stuff - left me with a boiling rage inside. It was scalding and I normally didn't speak much on because I didn't want the after-effects to carry on for the rest of the week. Lately though having grown-up a bit since then I have learned to follow on one of my most famous advice to myself since forever that, to dress well and look good if your going to make a fool of yourself (and face it when does that not happen on a Monday?) and most importantly now when the potent "bad event" happens I shrugged it off and I carry on as usual.

However tonight I broke my rule and on receiving an email continued to pent my frustration at a possibly very well designed brochure. The brochure and hurtful email were related but that is besides the point. I think I may have reversed my calm yoga-like outlook on Mondays by at least 5 years. That given any day now the next Monday does not look good - yes I avoid the public places, confrontations, talking a lot and of course dressing really well - despite all these avoidances BUT no that calm has been broken and now next Monday does not look good.